What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your First Impression

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your First Impression

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your First Impression

Your rising sign often plays an important role in your personality. It’s the image the world sees of you and the impression that everyone has of you when you meet them. So, how does it actually work? Let’s find out!

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Aries – 1:12
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Scorpio – 5:47
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Aries Ascendant – First Impression: Dynamic
Pioneering, Positive and a born leader, these are the thoughts that are more likely to go through a person’s head when they first meet you. You might be a quiet Scorpio, a timid Virgo or even a shy Pisces, but if you have Aries as your rising sign then their first impression of you would be more like a courageous Aries.

Taurus Ascendant – First Impression: Gorgeous
If your ascendant is a sign that is ruled by the Goddess of love herself then good looks are expected. When people meet you for the first time they will find you beautiful and attractive. Some might even view you as the whole package.

Gemini Ascendant – First Impression: Mischievous
People with this ascendant have an air of intellectualism about them. Even if you are not into reading or traveling, others may think that you are. It is the influence of Mercury ruling over the ascendant. You might be a homebody or a recluse, but your ascendant will not give that impression.

Cancer Ascendant – Impression: Compassionate
Have you ever had people say that you look like a kind and caring person? This might be because of your Cancer Rising Sign. The Cancer Ascendant tend to have similarities with Cancer moon and sun signs.

Leo Ascendant – Impression: Charismatic
Leos are naturally charismatic and love the spotlight. If you have this sign as your ascendant then people will likely perceive you as a charismatic person. You turn heads when you walk into a room, your voice is heard and your advice will be taken.

For more details about these signs and the rest of the signs, watch the video until the very end!
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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your First Impression

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