The Cosmic Links Between Your Zodiac Signs

The Cosmic Links Between Your Zodiac Signs

The Cosmic Links Between Your Zodiac Signs

The cosmic links between zodiac signs. Well, it seems the stars are feeling generous today, as they are going to relay to you through us the complete guide to the celestial links between Zodiac signs. Find out who will be your best friend, who will be your lover and who will be your worst enemy. Make sure to watch the entire video, because you must know the connection between ALL the Zodiac signs and your own.

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Best Friends.

The cosmos have revealed many links between Zodiac signs today, but to begin they want to tell our valued viewers who they should be best friends with. We will start with…

Aries. We know you’re usually a lone wolf, Aries, but no one can be alone all the time. That is why Sagittarius would be your best choice for your best friend. They give you the space you crave but also fuel your desire for adventure. They will go with you anywhere, or on any expedition, no matter how treacherous. The two of you can also enjoy some silence, without it feeling awkward. And that is the indicator of a great friendship.

Taurus. There are two things that you absolutely love, Taurus, and that’s eating and being organized. That’s why the Virgo would definitely be your best friend. They too are fans of food and filing cabinets, so when you’re done getting your respective offices together the two of you can go enjoy a beautifully crafted meal.

Gemini. Gemini, because there are two of you, you’ll need two best friends. For starters, you’ll need to find a Libra to balance you out. They’re social, just like you, and will always be around when you need a partner in crime.

However, when the party is over, find yourself an Aquarius to sit down and talk too. They’ll share their intellect with yours, Gemini and the two of you can sit and enjoy some wine until the morning light.

Cancer. You’re emotionally intense, Cancer, which means you’ll need a best friend who can match that. Enter Scorpio, who is just as fiery as you, if not more. You would think that your two huge personalities would clash, but quite the contrary, they often sync up. When you two speak, you’ll find that you’re agreeing on most things, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Leo. You have a hard time sharing the spotlight, Leo. That’s why if you’re going to have a best friend, you’re going to need someone as fabulous as you. Honestly, we recommend finding another Leo, because they’re really the only people who can keep up with you. Remember, one lone lion is weak, but a pride is strong.


And now, we move on to more serious cosmic connections. From best friends to lovers, here are the Zodiac signs that would make the greatest of couples, whether it be for a life time or just for the evening.

Aries. You have a magnetic personality Aries, which means not only will you be attracting a lot of attention, but it will be from signs that crave a challenge. As such, the signs you match up with the best are Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and Gemini.

Taurus. You have a reputation for being very strong, Taurus, which means you’ll need a partner who is just as strong. Because of this, you match well with Virgo and Pisces, who are both very strong in their own ways.

Gemini. Your sweetness is greatly balanced by a little intellect, so you pair very well with Aquarius and Libra, but also with other Gemini. Because of your dual nature, another Gemini will understand you on great, personal levels.

Cancer. You tend to want a lot of attention in relationships Cancer, which is why Scorpios and Pisces are the best for you. Scorpios are great for giving you that which you crave, and Pisces are just great for avoiding drama altogether.

Leo. Because Leos tend to be adventurous and a little egotistical, they need a match that will not only go on trips with them but love them as much as they love themselves. In this case, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries would be the best choice for a partner for a Leo.

Virgo. As an earth sign, it’s good to stick to others of your element, especially for Virgos. That’s why a Taurus or a Capricorn would be your best partner. They also share your practical approach to life, which is a comforting thought.

Libra. You love peace and harmony in a relationship (heck, who doesn’t?). This is why you’ll want to find someone who is either a Leo or a Sagittarius.

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The Cosmic Links Between Your Zodiac Signs

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